All the MBA students are really concerned about getting good placements. Many are having a great worry about getting placed in a reputed organisation. In order to gain good placements definitely, you have to choose the best MBA colleges in Kerala based on placements. By selecting the best MBA college, you can ensure many benefits which help you in getting good career life along with efficient training. In this post, we will be discussing the best MBA colleges in Kerala based on placements.

One can follow 4 steps in order to gain the best placement in a reputed organisation. They are:



If you have joined in an institution which is having good networking and association with the corporate world. Networking is the best way to reach maximum recruiters and decision-makers you know. Networking is all about how you build a strong relationship while you are doing an MBA course. It all happens only if you joined one of the best MBA colleges. The more networks you have more chances to get a job. One who is smart can use the online method for networking. Here one can use LinkedIn account effectively to reach maximum business professionals.

Employers hate the way candidates add filters to make a good impression. So, most of the employers look forward to filling the position with people in their network. So networking is a really important aspect in MBA placements.


In the present era, social networks help every MBA student to a great extent. Having a good resume is an essential matter, but the online presence has a great value. It’s the best way one can showcase smartness, intelligence, diligence. The best method is to use your online social media activity as your strongest weapon. One can show the online presence actively by reviewing the book you have read, it’s one of the strongest ways to show your reading habit. Also, the analysis made by you regarding the activities of government and their policies, you can share your viewpoint so that by checking your profile employer will get to know that you are a good analyst. Also, one can use the LinkedIn account as the strongest tool to reach excellent professionals by sharing your projects, presentation reviews etc.


The value and importance of live projects and internships are very high regarding an MBA student. It offers an MBA student invaluable experience while one is doing the MBA. Rather than doping the summer internships, one has to concentrate also in live projects, certifications, online work for gaining good experience. While doing internships MBA students have to work seriously in order to impress the recruiters. You can impress the recruiter through hard work, dedication, commitment, and intelligence.

Do all your live projects, internships etc according to your specialisations you have to choose because you are hoping to do a job in that area of specialisation. So, by gaining values and experience in that particular area help you to beat other competitors. Remember the recruiters need only smart and experts, so prove yourself efficient in managing things which you are assigned.


You have to ensure that you are joined in a branded MBA college. For MBA course the fame and reputation the institution possess are really important, it adds more value to you. It gives a good impression of your recruiter too. Obviously, the branded college will have high placement because it acquired the brand name by giving good training to their students. Therefore, top companies will be a regular visitor in order to recruit talented ones with efficiency and talents. Through all these methods one can assure good placements and attract more employers in order to have a bright future. Now let’s discuss the best MBA colleges in Kerala based on placements.

Top MBA college in Kerala according to the placements are:

1.Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
2.Rajagiri Business School
3.Marian International Institute of Management
4.SIM – Saintgits Institute of Management
5.LEAD College of Management


Which is also known as IIM, which was established in the year 1996. It is situated in Kozhikode, Kerala. The exact location is Kunnamangalam which is an ancient city in Kerala. Indian Institute of Management is having Autonomous ownership.  It is one of the colleges having good International co9lleborations. There are 83 faculties in total. It is one of the top MBA colleges which provides high placements to their students. Indian Institute of Management accepts CAT exam as MBA entrance eligibility. IIM is ranked out 6 from the TOP MBA college in India.

2. Rajagiri Business School

One of the Top MBA college in Kerala having high placements. It is located in the area close to the IT hub of Kochi, which is known as Info park. It is ranked 76 among other 100 top MBA colleges in India. It is an autonomous institution with 36 faculties. College is very efficient in having good placements for their students.

3. Marian International Institute of Management

MIIM, Kuttikkanam is one of the top MBA colleges in Kerala. It is situated in a beautiful place named Kuttikkanam. The college has private ownership; the college has high placements (95% placement last year) records. MIIM is having a strong bond with a good and reputed organisation. Top companies are visiting MIIM for campus placements, and it’s based on the quality training MIIM giving ti their students. The college has a unique feature that is the NBA Accreditation. MIIM is the only MBA college under the MG university having this accreditation. NBA accreditation is the unique feature which adds more value in MIIM students resume.


  • KPMG
  • JIO
  • ITC
  • SBI Mutual Funds
  • Logezy
  • IDBI Federal
  • Byjus
  • IndusInd Bank
  • Oyo
  • EME
  • ESAF
  • Dalmia
  • Lulu
  • Ramco
  • Aptara
  • Apollo
  • Extramarks
  • Federal Bank
  • Cognizant
  • Envestnet
  • Se mentor etc

SIM – Saintgits Institute of Management

Saintgits Institute of Management also known as SIM, located in the Kottukulam in Kottayam. It was established in the year 2006. It accepts CMAT, KMAT, and CAT. The placements of SIM are:

LEAD College of Management

The college was established in the year 2011. It is located in Palakkad in Kerala. It is affiliated to MG University. LEAD is having NAAC accreditation. It’s also one of the top MBA colleges with excellent placement record.


Marian International Institute of Management, also known as MIIM. The top MBA college having a good placement record. The college is well known for its placements only because of the efficient and unique training given by the college in order to mould their students so talented and competent. MIIM is having world-class infrastructural facilities including classrooms with all facilities including technological advancements. An excellent library with more than 5000 books, gym for both girls and boys. Cafeteria with quality service. A good Auditorium and computer lab.

The placements activities of MIIM is unique and it follows the activities:
1.Continuous Aptitudes test Training (From Semester 1 to 4)
2.Presentations skills Training. (More than 20 presentations)
3.Group Discussion training (Around 20 Mock GDs at campus)
4.News reading, current affairs, Quiz, Discussions
5.Communication Training
6.Training on How To face interview
7.Mock Interview
8.Peer to Peer training

News reading is a regular activity where the students are asked to make a presentation in mentor wise group. The performance is evaluated by the mentor and give marks and tips for further improvements. This activity aim in making the students more aware of what is happening around them. The Industry analysis is another activity which makes the students do analysis in a particular industry. 24 group with every 5 students in each one group. The aptitude test is another highlight of MIIM placement training. Each week 5 hours are fir aptitude training and the students’ performance evaluated by conducting the aptitude test. Group Discussion is another important training given to MIIM students. Weekly GD helps the students to gain knowledge in a variety of matters. The GD is conducted under the supervision of faculty member and that help the students in getting feedback on their performance.

PREP is another method where the students are asked to give training to the UG students. It’s an experiential training initiated by MIIM.

MOCK INTERVIEWS are conducted for students to make them prepared to face the real interview in confidence. Three rounds of mock interviews are conducted. One round of mock interview is conducted by external faculty. MIIM is always keen on developing more skills in students. It always chooses the best and unique way of training which differentiate MIIM from other MBA colleges. This ideas and training to the student help the college to stand as one of the TOP MBA college having high PLACEMENTS. So we hope we were able to explain the best MBA colleges in Kerala based on placements.

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