Kellogg’s was in fact known as the company that introduced the concept of Corn flakes as a breakfast throughout the world. Kellogg’s started hunting for new markets beyond its traditional markets in Europe and the United States in search of more cereal eating consumers.

It concentrated on India. However, the Indian sub-continent found the whole concept of eating breakfast cereal a new one as consumers in India preferred to start the day with a daily bread called chapatti or it’s equivalent. Instead of addressing this issue Kellogg’s decided to launch other products without any further research of the market.

Kellogg which had launched itself with the best products, packaging, and excellent marketing strategy did not do well as expected resulting in a sharp decline in sales.

Kellogg had pitched itself as an alternative to the regularly consumed breakfast but to the contrary, Kellogg’s Cornflake breakfast did not give consumers that feeling of fullness.

How Kellogg’s Failed, and Then Won, in India

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