If we have taken a survey on the percentage of students taking marketing as their specialisation definitely it gives a big number. Each and everyone knows how important is marketing in every business field. The business considers marketing as the way to reach to their targeted customers. For every business, the customer is god to their business and without their support its very difficult to sustain.
Marketing is the way in which company attract their customers to their product and services. In the present era, the business world is so tough and very competitive in order to withstand all the competitors they have to adopt top marketing skills.
Here comes the role of an MBA graduate. MBA teaches all their students how to deal with the market, with efficient coaching classes and training. So employers are confident enough to select MBA graduates to their marketing area.
If an MBA graduate has not taken marketing as their specialisation, so you may think is it possible to work in that area. The answer is yes, of course, you can work in the marketing area. In MBA this is one of the advantages as MBA teaches and train all their students in the marketing area, but while choosing the specialisation as Marketing you will gain deep knowledge regarding the Market and the strategies to be adopted.
The MBA graduates will be given a number of tasks to make promotion regarding something through posters, videos by sharing in social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. Also, you may ask to sell some products, maybe it’s a competition among the students to win a cash prize. So, all its motive is to make you capable of dealing with market and think yourself for the strategies so that you can sale or attract the customers, the cash prize all just serves as a motivator towards winning the competition.
Definitely, the MBA graduates will be high in marketing experience than any other non-MBA graduates. So, by taking an MBA graduate definitely, he or she will prove themself in the marketing area by adopting new and brilliant strategies to earn a profit.
Many may have the thought of whether the marketing skill is so valid or useful, is it have high job value etc. Nowadays for every company to survive successfully it has to maintain excellent market strategies. So as the corporate world is expanding around the world the marketing scope is also increased to a great extent.
Marketing is the only way through which the company can engage their customers. Company’s use of social media platforms mostly to engage their customers. Here it can be through short videos or by posters telling about their products and services. The way you engage your customer you are passing more information to them which they may not be aware so it’s really good to do like that rather than pushing them to your offers.
Also, in order to maintain a good life span of business and growth of the business, it has a great link with the reputations you have. To make a good company reputation the marketing is an excellent tool. So that reveals a fact that reputation is the factor thatbde3termines your brand equity. All the companies are introducing many unique marketing strategies in order to maintain their brand equity.
Through marketing, a great bond is built between the customer and the company. That can be build when the company gain the trust of their customers. So that can be built by a process called segmentation. So the company has to satisfy its customers in all means by providing them everything in time according to their expectation. To maintain brand equity the customer satisfaction is a prime important factor.
Every organisation is in the aim to earn profit and build fame, so for that, you have to increase the sales. Marketing is the best way to boost sales. So, in order to increase sales, the company has to reach to customers first. By reaching customers the customer will tr your product or service and the quality of your product or services will determine whether the customer has to keep on buying your brand products or not. So, all these are determined by the marketing strategies adopted by the company. So that implies the importance of marketing in each and every corner of a business and the MBA graduates are having high value towards the marketing job. Its because the MBA graduates have acquired top marketing skills while doing an MBA.




While you are doing an MBA degree you will have many presentations, seminars etc. All this will make you a good communicator and by having such activities you will gain excellent communication skills.
By acquiring good communication in doing an MBA course will reflect it in your professional life too. While you are doing a job you have to connect to the employees and deal with their problems. All this will be possible only if you are a good communicator.
To deal with your customers also need good communication skill then only the information can be communicated to the customers.
Also, with this communication skill, you can make an effective marketing campaign that will enhance your brand value. So without proper communication, no information can be transferred to the customers, in order to do that it requires good communication skill. By taking an MBA as your post-Graduation you can gain good communication skill which is an essential skill to perform well in the marketing field.


All the MBA students are doing an MBA in hope of getting a good job with a good position. Most of them are aiming for the managerial position so in order to be a good manager you have to be a good leader.
While working in a marketing field you have gained good leadership skill because you are working in the competitive corporate world so this skill will help you to stand out in a challenging situation.


While you are doing an MBA graduation you will be asked to work in a team, that is to develop the team spirit in you. In your professional life too, you will be asked to work among teams. So, by doing MBA you have already gained a good number of experiences in working in teams.
For an MBA graduate, it will be very easy to work in a team as they are trained well in this marketing skill. Hence in future career while working in a team you can utilize all the skills related to teamwork, that will definitely help you to move forward.
Once you have proved to be a good team player definitely you will be gaining the role of good manager too because many successful managers are team players once. Also, in the marketing field, there will be many teams assigned to the various task. So, you may be asked to work as a team member and if you proved yourself an efficient team player definitely the company will give you more responsibility and that will ultimately lead you to a managerial position.


The marketing world is so competitive that each company are making unique ideas and strategies in order to withstand their competitors. So many problems will arise which all are the challenges given to the company by its competitors. But the solution to the problem is lying within the problem itself. In order to find out the best solution, one should need good analytical skills.
So, by analysing the problem, you can easily make a solution to withstands this. By adopting brilliant solutions and strategies you can use this in devising your marketing campaign by in order to promote your products and services. In the marketing field, it all about how you campaign your product and services so that it gains customer attraction and urge them to utilize this product. By analytical skills, you have solved the great problem and made a solution to keep your targeted customers.
Analytical skill is a very important marketing skill in the present era with great value, so the MBA help you in getting this skill. while doing MBA you will be asked to analyse problems and make unique solutions all this task is aimed to make you efficient in the area of analytical skills which is an essential one in now a day.


Marketing success will be determined by how you develop your marketing strategy and campaigns. So, there will be many strategies around you but making the unique one will help you to stay strong against your competitors.
All the marketing process has the intention to increase its sale level to gain more profit that enhances company growth and brand value. So, for that, they have to gain customer attention and satisfaction.
To gain customer attraction the campaign is conducted so that they can share information with their targeted customers easily. If they successfully conduct the campaign means the customers will make a try on their product. By giving quality products the company can ensure them as regular customers.
All this depends on how you developed the strategies. An MBA graduate will be efficient in framing brilliant marketing strategies because MBA graduates are given good training in this marketing skill and are given the task to bring strategies for certain problems given to them. So it will be easy for an MBA graduate to apply this skill that will enhance their future too as an efficient employee.


It’s another top marketing skill that you gain from an MBA course. Learning is a very essential process which has to be continued all throughout their lifetime. The successful people are always good learners, they will continue learning even they reach a career. There is vast learning opportunity around, one can learn from their failures, from other people’s etc. so those who use this in the best way can reach will have a bright future.
stop learning after reaching a good career will lead to stagnation. To be an excellent employee in the marketing field has to be a good learner. By having an MBA degree, you will be efficient enough with the learning skill, as you will be given good training to learn a variety of new thing. MBA graduate will be mould as an expert to learn new things quickly and will be given basic theory knowledge and technological skill required for that.
The marketing field is very tough and spontaneous changes are happening. The present era is where there are technological advancements taking place frequently and companies are very keen on introducing the latest technologies to withstand their competitors. So, while introducing new changes employee are required to learn it.
It will be very hard for non-MBA graduates to acquire easy Learning about new things, that make the MBA graduates perform well in the marketing field. Marketing area always makes new changes may be in strategy, technical matters so as good learners MBA graduates will show their efficiency definitely.


The only college with NBA accreditation under Mahatma Gandhi University, that is Marian International Institute of Management. The college is situated in the beauty of Idukki a place called Kuttikanam which is a famous tourist spot in Kerala. Kuttikanam is very famous for its vibrant beauty and one of the most attractive hill stations in Idukki.
MIIM is very famous for its academic and non-academic excellence. MIIM provides the best infrastructural facilities for students. The faculties of MIIM are experienced and experts in various area. The college ensures 100% placement for all its students. Many students of MIIM are working in reputed organisations in a very good position.
The brand name and fame of MIIM is because of the excellence in training their students and their performance level. If you are looking for marketing as your specialisation MIIM is equipped with the expert and talented faculties who make you expert too in this area. Not only for marketing for all the specialisation MIIM provides to you. The college ensures the best training with excellent faculties and college won’t compromise in that.

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