Most Valued MBA Skills by an Employer

Most Valued MBA Skills by an Employer

Even though the present situation has created a bad impact on job opportunities. But in this situation, too many companies are offering a job but it’s not so easy as earlier because companies are looking for skilled ones. Many companies have reduced their number of employees to cope up with the present situation, some haven’t reduced their workforce.

In today’s competitive world the candidates are already in a great struggle to catch the dream job. So, in this situation, you have to be very specific about the skills you should possess. Because if you have a lot of skills but if it has less value from the employer side its very hard to get the job. If one is possessing the skills that the employer is looking for definitely, he or she will be selected as their employee.

Now the situation is a very risky one and while recruiting an employee to job the employer will be very cautious. If one is not skilled enough, it will bring a huge impact. If you are skilled enough with the skills valued by the employer it will make you and your resume most attractive among the other candidates.

While making yourself skilled you have to focus on those skills which add value to your resume. Then the employer will feel that you are capable of managing things assigned by him. By having such skills in your resume, the employer, itself feel confident enough to recruit you.

The specific skills you possess than the other candidates will be your plus point and if you are expert in those skills definitely, they will hire you. Companies are moving in a difficult condition, and many have adopted the strategy to recruit fewer employees, but those have to be skilled enough. Because the companies are moving in the financial crisis and many are reducing their workforce, so if you are skilled you will have the demand. By raising your demand in the present situation will remove all the problems related to job opportunities as an MBA graduate.

In order to be skilled one have to focus both in soft and hard skills too. Soft skills like problem-solving skills, ability to work within a team of people having different culture, problem-solving skills, teamwork skills and ability to be a leader etc. all these skills are greatly valued by an employer from an MBA graduate. Also, one’s ability to accept the company culture too has high value. All the soft skills are more valued by an employer than all other skills to be required. From the soft skills it reveals the personality too and one’s behaviour so it all have an important role in an employee’s life and great link with the workplace.

Also, the hard skills are valued too. The technical skills one possesses is one of the greatest skills many employers are looking for. Because everything is going under machine control and technology advancements are taking place day by day. Most of the companies are ready to use and implements the latest technology required so the demand for the technical skills is very high in the present era.

The MBA graduate will have the chance to study the Big Data, analytics, cloud computing etc. this all will help you to gain maximum knowledge as hard skills. This all will definitely add value to your resume and employer to value your skills.

All its required is that while making the combination you have to present the right combination of both soft and hard skills. This is about the soft and hard skills valued by the employer.

Most Valued MBA Skills by an Employer

The most valued MBA skills by the employer are:



The business has to adapt and transform according to the situation in order to face the challenges. In the present condition, business is facing many difficulties to run smoothly because of the Covid 19 impact. But still, the businesses try to adjust with the situation and to make a profit out of it. So, they have made a strategy in order to overcome the constraints they have presently.

In business, effective strategies have a major role. Without good strategies, it’s hard to survive and gain profit. Even to compete with other companies it required good strategies. Most of the successful companies come to the stage of success only because they have made unique strategies to withstand all competitors.

The strategies should be made according to the situation it demands. If the company is not good in making the perfect and unique strategies then it will pave the way to the competitors to overlap you. The strategies you made should always focus to overcome the present constraint and reap profit out of it.

It’s not so easy to run a business. The business world is changing rapidly and we cannot predict what will be next and how it happens. So if we have made one strategy it won’t be enough because the business world will give you another challenge definitely so it requires thousands of strategies to run a business successfully.

So, all this demands the importance of having an effective strategy. All won’t possess these skills. If you have no strategic thinking skill develop it and if you have that skill, make use of it effectively. In the present condition, the strategies do play a significant role. Because many businesses face a hard situation in different areas and all required an effective strategy.

That implies that if you have the strategic thinking skills you will definitely make a good impression. Employers are looking for such skilled persons with good strategic thinking and if you are skilled and expert enough you will definitely get the chance even in this challenging situation too. So, try to develop this skill if you don’t have this. The skill demands a lot in this present era and by developing such a skill you are gaining a plus point than other candidates and add value to your resume too.


For every professional job, communication skills are one of the most important ones. If you have good communication itself will bring a good impression to the employer.

For every job, it needs good communication. Communication is the process through which one is transferring ideas and knowledge to another.

For every business leader and employees, it’s essential. Communication is the skills which will eliminate the class feeling among the employees. Because if everyone is free to communicate means that will avoid misunderstanding and clear way of transferring the information. Even if the low-level employees have doubts, they may feel free to ask their leader. That means communication brings freedom to speak.

But if you have no communication skills that will really go to affect your performance along with your colleagues. Because if you are appointed as a team leader and you are not able to communicate to your team members means it will be the fall of the entire team.

While an employer chooses you, he will definitely look upon the communication skill because if you are a leader and while making decisions you have to communicate it clearly to others. Also, ask others opinion too in the decisions you made. This all will happen if you have good communication skill.

The communication skill also helps to build a good relationship with others so that they bring unity and a friendly work environment where all free to talk about their opinions.

In the present situation, communication has played its importance and revealed its importance in the Covid 19 situation.

Most of the recruiters have the string believe that the MBA graduates are good in communication by getting good training from the B schools. So, by developing good communication and presenting it in front of them in an interview will make the recruiter once again confident to hire you.


Some will gain an MBA degree to strengthen their subject knowledge and understandings like Accounting, Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Operations etc. While some join MBA to get training and acquire skills such as Leadership skills, Communication skills, teamwork skills, Presentation skills etc.

But in the reality for the employer give high demand for the versatile skill set that means the one who is having the combination of both soft and hard skills. If you are concentrating on one set of skills won’t give more value to you as a candidate.

While you are selected the employer will clearly observe you in the starting stage. They are looking for the skills that you have, so to analyse you they will watch you closely in the onboarding process. Also, if you are having high subject knowledge without having other skill won’t help you. you need both technical and subject knowledge.

In the present era technology plays an important role, so to be an efficient employee and to earn value in the eyes of employer you have to be expert in technical matters in such a competitive world.
So, if you are smart enough to make the right combinations of the skills set and that will definitely help you in the present era also to beat the other candidates too.


The skill which wants to be highlighted in the Resume of a candidate. In the present condition, the recruiters value a lot of innovative thinking skills. It’s about the ability to think something new, unique and make solution to the present problems.

The business world is very rapid and the business environment always wants to face sudden and uncertain challenges. The best example is Covid 19, which has made a very bad impact on the business sector.
But in order to overcome this and run the business smoothly many businesses have taken innovative ideas. The innovative ideas will help you to think out of the box. Also, problem-solving is another major thing that resides in innovative thinking skills.

The recruiters look for candidates with innovative thinking because they can help the company in a difficult situation by adapting a unique solution that has not yet proved by others. If they overcome the challenge that means they are opening a new way to expand and earn a profit while others are still trying to solve it.

The MBA candidates get good training in making innovative ideas by giving a case study and other tasks to improve your innovative thinking skills. The MBA institution gives the students the best enhances to develop innovative skill and apply it in challenging situations.

So, to an MBA graduate, the Innovative skills are plus point that adds more values in their resume. Also, the present pandemic situation the candidates with this skills value more as many companies are looking for new, innovative methods to solve the present problem and gain profit. So, with this innovative skill, you can make high demand and value than other candidates. In short, we hope we were able to describe all the most valued MBA skills by an employer.


Marian International Institute of Management, Kuttikanam. The only college under MG university having the NBA accreditation. Which is famous for the outstanding MBA training. MIIM is equipped with all the latest technologies. It has a good infrastructure. The college provides quality training to MBA students with good classrooms and experienced faculties.

The college has its own separate hostel facilities for both girls and boys. The college is apt for the students by providing the best climate with mist, the speciality of Kuttikkanam.

If you are searching for the MBA college that helps you to gain the skills that the employer values, MIIM is the best college where you will get adequate training. The college ensures 100% placement, it’s only because the college trains their students in such levels that help them to perform well in the interview and another process.

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