What do Employers want from Business Graduates?

What do Employers want from Business Graduates?

It is said by Harold S. Geneen that “Take the experience first; the cash will come later”. The money and experience are two sides of a coin in the business world. The employers always look for experienced employees as they need less spend less on training and other expenses. Today, globalisation made economy open and companies can easily cross the national boundaries and expand their business beyond the boundaries.

When a company reaches a new land, they will need graduates with special skills and capabilities. While every resume looks similar and there are a lot of graduates with good qualification to indeed very difficult to gauge the right one for the companies, also the universities claim to produce work-ready graduate.

In this article, we discuss the six important requirements that an employer seek from an employee along with his/her graduate degrees.

What do Employers want from Business Graduates?

  • Past Experience with an Institution’s Graduate

Based on the survey organised among 2200 recruiters and 2400 managing directors of international companies across 20 different companies.  The 19 per cent of recruiters conveyed that they prefer to select a candidate with past experience along with graduate degrees. It is found that the graduate’s qualification details are the fourth important factor in terms of personal information and attributes. The universities reputation and links with the recruiters can largely benefit the student to get recruited to top MNCs.


  • International Exposure

The international exposure is the second highly considered factor while an employer chooses the candidate. The universities with foreign collaboration get great exposure to their brand name. The higher education sector is a global market, is the employer expects the candidate to have knowledge about the global market who can understand the market and can adapt to this globalised environment.  when a student gets exposed to a new environment the confidence and experience he receives out of it will be an asset for the company.

  •  Area of Degree Specialisation


The expertise in significant area enhances the competency and it is the third-highest value factor considered by the recruiter. Sometimes, the recruiter may find it hard to select a candidate for a job role with a concerned area of specialisation so the demand and supply may not match equally. The labour market can be clearly understood if one takes a deep look into and we understand that there is a serious mismatch between student preferred subjects and what a firm really requires.

So, if the students can really analyse the job market finds the need for recruiters then they can choose the specialisation accordingly similarly the universities can also include what the students and recruiter needs.

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  • Specific Skills

There are few skills the recruiter expects the candidates while choosing the best candidate for them, they include.

  • The most important skill is the ability to work as a team together.
  • The ability to make a decision and solve problems.
  • The ability to communicate verbally with people both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • The ability to plan, organize and prioritize work.
  • The ability to obtain and process information.

The institute today focuses largely on inculcating these skills set into the students to make them more industry-ready. Be it any specialisation the educational experience will be added on as the top skill.


  • Professional Experience

The experience gained is highly valued criteria preferred by all the recruiters across the world. The universities give very good training to the students on technical aspects, while sometimes they may lack the skill to apply this technical aspect in the professional environment, so it is important to have some real-life experiences. The past performance can always act as a yardstick for the future, this will help to understand the candidate’s resilience, innovation, and goal orientation.

The recruiters suggest that the universities that provide the students with the best graduate outcomes are that students can be made more to run their own workshops on the technical skills which enables them to put forward what they have learned so far. The students can add this skill when they are selected for a role in the company.


  • Grades

Even though grades are listed last in the priorities of recruiter it is important to have the minimum required for pass percentage, but it is not important if it is high or low scores. There are companies who removed degree classification from the entry requirements from the recruitment program as they doubt about the correlation between the percentage of marks and workplace performance and success.

Most of the companies suggest that today selection process is based on “strength-based” selection criteria as it contributes to the future potential rather what they have achieved in the past with grades. it is proven that the student with good intellectual capacity alongside the skills on flexibility, relationship building capabilities are very successful.

The various skills an MBA graduate earn makes them eligible for applying for a wide variety of careers and more opportunities for each day as they help to expand their skill set to meet the demand of the marketplace. Along with the recruiters the students also expect a range of skillset that they should be possessed that are essential for their success at the workplace. The recruiters expect the student to have good strategic thinking ability and problem-solving skill. The recruiters now look for technical expertise along with interpersonal and interpersonal skill. The students who can polish these skill along with good academics can definitely make there dream come true.

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